October 18, 2017 – Miracles

James D. was the Toastmaster of the day.  He started the meeting with a story of TJ, an 11 year old boy who had a tumor in brain.  “Make a Wish”, a non-profit organization he involved in asked artist to draw paintings about the boy’s wishes and about him fighting cancer. He lived a year and a half, far beyond what the doctor predicted. His life has changed with people’s positive energy round him.

Maria S. gave an inspiration that everyone can be a miracle.

James continued with a story about a marine, who battled with drugs.  He transferred himself to a positive person and attended iron man competition.

Don B. offered a joke about origins about human beings.

Debra L. offered “Word of the day”, which is “apprise”.

Timer is Alberto R.. He told a life story about how his pray and listening to God’s words cured his waist pains.

James S. offered the first speech with a title of “The Path to Effective Communication”.  He started with a surfing accident by not communicating well with his mom about “never turn your back on a wave”.  He learned how to communicate with parents.  When he was in college, he couldn’t communicate with girls. His friend gave him a cheat sheet and he learned the tricks.  When he decided to go abroad, he chose Hong Kong because people speak English over there.  However, he had difficulties with acronym.  When he moved to mainland China, he learned how to say his home address in mandarin and how to order beer in mandarin.  Then he was in cycling business, he learned how to communicate cycling terms with customers.  He concluded that the path to effective communication never ended and the key was to open to new opportunities.

Richard S. is the second speaker with a speech title “How can I tax thee? Let me count the ways…”  He disclosed the nature of tax, reviewed the history and described the common ones we deal with every day.  He stated that coin is the first median exchange that people can hide from taxation.  Business entities corporate business in Ireland to avoid high taxes while doing business in USA.  He introduced progressive (income tax) and regressive (sales tax).  Why do we pay taxes? For public services, to incentivize for investment and redistribute wealth.  He also explored federal taxes, sales taxes.  property taxes, VAT taxes, inventory taxes, heir taxes etc.  He ended with a strong and humorous statement, “taxes, taxes, taxes are everywhere…”

Leslie K. is the third speaker with a speech title “An Awkward Time”.  Her daughter had an awkward as a freshman in college, seeking balance between independence and dependence.  Leslie herself was also at an awkward time between missing her terribly and still protecting her and restraining her inner protection instincts.  She got question about “an awkward time” from her daughter. She showed her unconditioned love using her figure on the screen.  It worked and her daughter replied with a great smile emoji.  As a resilient youth, her daughter just needed to be listened and she would work herself out.  Leslie’s confident, competent and no drama daughter was back.  And Leslie herself will be fine as well.

Pam R. was the table topic master. Wendy had a great improv speech about her favorite candies.

Christopher H. is the general evaluator. He introduced a book called “bringing out the best of people”.

John H. evaluated James’s speech: “humorously speaking project 1: warm up your audiences.”  He complimented on his formal dress code and mini stories.  A couple of things to improve: start a bit faster.  More examples for punch signs. Transition of stories. Potential for speech competition.

Christine M. evaluated Richard’s speech, a “Non manual speech”. Great topic with awesome start, plenty of information and statistics.

Jeff E. evaluated Leslie’s speech, a Non manual (or a Pathways Icebreaker).  Very well written and embed emotions.  Comfortable and pleasant on the stage.  Suggestions: please keep give speeches and be a writer at your spare time.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:19pm.


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Oct. 4, 2017 – Base Camp Training and Roads to Recovery

Daena L. our VP of Education opened the meeting to announce Base Camp Training that will be held Monday October 9 or Friday October 13 at Argosy University 4th Fl. Maui Room. Training will be conducted by Willie J. Pathways Trainer and our Jason B. TM 49 Ambassador.November 4th is the District 49 TM Conference at the Pagoda Hotel C’est Si Bon Ballroom 7:30AM to 4PM. to sign up go to Toastmaster Conference go to: http://district49.org/register-for-the-fall-2017-conference/

Wendie M. was our Toastmaster of the Day and set a theme Titled “Road to Recovery.”  She told us about her challenging injury where she has been recovering for more than 8 weeks where she broke the bones in her foot by falling. Don B. gave an inspirational message to be happy now and do it now. Jeff E. our Joke Master told us a pearly gates St. Peter’s Joke. Debra KL set the word of the day as Diminutive which means small or little.

Our first speaker was John H. who delivered an excellent speech from the Advanced Manual : Speaking to Inform Project No. 3. Titled “Bull Fighting” . John told a vivid story of the life of a matador and the traditions of Spanish Bull Fighting. The if the Matador does well he receives trophies of the bull’s ears or tail for his excellence in bull fighting. He even brought his wife’s red dress to be his “Muleta” cape. It was a great speech OLE!.

Our second speaker Willie S. gave a non-manual speech to influence members to consider gun reform. He cited the problems with the recent shooting tragedy in Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and how Americans could do something about Gun Control. He suggested ten steps to having a political will to do something about guns. For example: not letting mentally ill people own guns, limit the number of weapons someone can own, not allow violent criminals to own guns, and providing psychological tests for potential gun owners. He delivered his speech with conviction and encouraged all of the members to consider his recommendations.

Leslie K. was our table topics master and she helped members to answer questions relating to the recovery theme. We all learned to put feeling into our speeches and use vocal variety for emphasis as we speak.



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September 27, 2017 – School Spirit

Our DBA President James S. had a theme of School Spirit and showed us his most expensive football and his name on a paver at the new Colorado State Stadium that opened this year. He encouraged the members to show their school spirit. James S. was dressed in Colorado State T-shirt, Socks , shoes, and shorts. Pam R. is a Fresno State Graduate and gave us an inspiration of the day. Willie S. told us a great joke about the man who won $10.2M at power ball and announced he was going to spend his money on Alcohol, Women, and Gambling. Then he said the rest of the money left he would waste. Adelina Y. is a McKinley HS Grad and she set a word of the day as “Toothsome” which is defined as acceptable to a fable or to your mind.

Our first speaker Bart H. delivered speech CC# 5 – Your Body Speaks, titled “Beginner Surfer”. Bart is from Kansas City and showed us his 1st Place Trophy from his Lawyers International Surf Competition. He spoke about surfing techniques he has learned. Reef Kicking , doing push ups on board to get over the waves, and standing on the board with a 3 step move. He used his body to turn the board and explained that the short surf board is difficult to control when compared to a long board. Bart concluded his speech with an invitation to members to try surfing for exercise.

Second speaker Gabriela N. is starting on her Pathways education track and gave her second icebreaker, titled” Mabuhay” . Gabriella lived in the Philippines for work for a year and shared her observations of how it was very different from living in Boston. She learned cultural nuances, People shout “NOSE BLEED” when they have to think so hard that they have nose bleeds. She noticed that Filipinos 1) Sing as a way of Life 2) not see may tall people as they are generally shorter. She told everyone how she was asked for selfies to take pictures with locals because she was so tall.

Debra K.L. was our table topics master and gave us a creative spin on a story technique to table topics that used audience participation to set the story and then members were asked to complete the story. We had a fun meeting with active participation by all members. See you all next week.






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September 20, 2017 – Costume Tips and Tricks

Rebecca W. was our Toastmaster of the Day and had a theme of “Costume Tips and Tricks.” Rebecca overviews costume ideas for Halloween for people pets, and group themes. Pam R. gave our Inspiration to mentoring other new TM club members to help them achieve their educational goals. Adelina Y. our Grammarian told us  the word of the day “Flamboyant” is an adjective. It can be defined as 1. strikingly bold or brilliant; showy: flamboyant colors. 2. conspicuously dashing and colorful: the flamboyant idol of international society. 3.florid; ornate; elaborately styled: flamboyant speeches. Our Jokemaster Willie S. gave us two jokes.  First joke is a joke about a lawyer who was on a stranded boat and jumping into shark infested waters but was unharmed. He was unharmed because of professional courtesy. Second Joke was about a son’s class show and tell assignment that told this class that his Dad was a Bouncer at a Strip Club. He received admiration because of that and he was embarrassed about his Dad’s true profession; being a lawyer. 

Maria S. our club secretary gave her CC#7 Speech: Research Your Topic, titled: Talent X Investment = Strength. She told us about her son’s excellent report card that was all A’s except for a B in Physical Education. So she signed him up for summer school P.E. to hike 10 trails in 2 weeks. However, it did not change his mind about disliking hiking and PE. She has based her speech around a book titled” Strengths Finder 2.0″ by Steve Rath. That is where the title of her speech came from. She stated that talent is not something you are born with but instead developed through investment of energy to make it a strength.

Our Second Speaker James D. gave his CC#6 Speech titled: “Where were you on September 11th, 2001? ” It was a speech that focused on Vocal Variety. James D. is an excellent speaker and brought back memories of his friends and how they impacted by that tragic event 16 years ago. He explained is story in the way he received phone calls in the morning from his friends who were directly impacted by the event. We all have memories of that as it created a good opportunity to connect emotionally over our personal memories with his speech. He used vocal variety to create telephone sound effects and a somber moment for all.

Our table topics was a creative approach to have Table Topics on random sheets of paper for members to speak extemporaneously. Wen H. gave funny twist on “One Night Stand ” costume and the double entendre of the meaning that he played innocently to the audience on its meanings. Wen says he remains interested for someone to explain to him what that means? As you read this it is obvious that it is very difficult for Maria to give a speech and do blog minutes. So, I plan to assist her from time to time to keep our blog active.

On another note, Pathways is active and can be registered. Daena, DBA VP of Ed. explained that we should all register and she plans another training session on Pathways in the future. I registered on the website and so can you; as DBA TM members take full advantage of this new program of learning.



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September 13, 2017 – Pathways

Jason Baguio, TM Ambassador and Willie Jones, TM Guide for Hawaii District 49 Pathways conducted a workshop that covered the new Pathways Program for Toastmasters that replaced our normal DBA TM meeting Agenda.

Jason B. our first speaker introduced the Pathways Program and Willie J. added emphasis on what important features needed to be highlighted to the members. Jason B. is an TM Ambassador for 4 clubs including DBA Toastmasters. He predicts that pathways is intended to roll-out this year in 2017. Currently we have the existing system of 15 manuals that was originally developed in the 1980’s. He quoted Ralph Smedley, ” We learn in moments of enjoyment”. The new Pathways Training Program will be an On-line Based System with 10 Paths of learning to choose from. Each path will have 5 levels in each path. There will be a total of 59 projects throughout the 10 pathways. Projects are speeches. Each pathway will have path awards . Evaluations will be standardized  with a new Evaluation Form. Evaluation Forms will be On-line based for submission. There will be a new Mentorship program with 5 standardized mentor manuals. The idea is to improve the program through project based skills with “real world” applicability.

Willie J. our second speaker said that his presentation will cover his love and hate relationship with Toastmasters. Willie J. is the 1997 International World Champion of Speakers for Toastmasters. He was disturbed that Toastmaster’s is not well-known and has not been technology of information has not been updated until now. Willie stated that the new Pathways Program is Revolutionary. It will have a Pathway’s Universe one-line. This will be a program that self improves with feedback from members that will be interacting with Toastmasters Online. Using this future web-based system it will update the old system of hard-copy manuals to provide more resources that are web-based PDF’s of manuals .

Willie emphasized that the former system allowed people to “pencil whip” their supposed progress and not truly reflect their potential education. He said the new system will be more realistic and provide each member a digital base camp to record and upload past speeches and for a personal library of resources. The first Pathway’s selection is free and all subsequent selections after 30 days will be fee based. $20 for each path manuals and $40 for a switch fee. There will be digital badges to reward progress as the former intermediate level awards (Bronze, Silver, & Gold) are no longer available in pathways. DTM will still be the ultimate goal. TM meetings will not change formats and what is done; the improvement is in the quality of the program everyone will be following.

Willie encouraged all DBA members to consider a fast start and convert over to pathways as soon as it becomes available. It will be similar to taking on-line courses and focus on individual achievements. D49’s goal is to support the conversion to pathways by the 2018 TM International Conference in Chicago.





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September 6, 2017 – How To Stop Procrastinating

Brian T. was our Toastmaster of the Day and Set a Theme “Procrastination”. Procrastinators are easily distracted and dwell in the areas of fun and enjoyment while the time to work is being lost. Until they panic and then work in a rush to complete the tasks they would normally do when using rational decisions. The way to defeat procrastination is to keep a Todo List and Prioritize your day by writing down the things you need to do. Brian T. handed out notebooks to all members to use as a tool for writing down their tasks to keep them away from procrastination problems.  Hieu P. gave us her inspiration and told everyone to avoid procrastination is to personally speak with her and she will help. Hieu’s job is a counselor and she routinely helps people avoid procrastination.

Daena L. was out first speaker and she delivered a speech Titles: “Big Fat Lie”. CC#10 Inspire Your Audience. Daena’s speech was about how Toastmasters helps you become a better speaker. She encouraged the first important step was to find a good TM Club to Join. She recommended that members visit other clubs to see the difference in style and experience different people with different points of view. She said the second step is to interact with the members to help you become a better speaker as they can mentor you to identify areas for improvement that will help you accelerate your learning on how to be a good speaker.

Second Speaker, William S. delivered a speech from the CC ADV. Manual “The Entertaining Speech” Project 1, titled: ” 6 Songs that Suck From the 70’s”. Willie had a countdown of his examples of the worst songs that had no redeeming value to him. Primarily it was the lyrics that he felt was silly and had no meaning.

Our Special Guest was our D49 Representative Director Teresa K. Ubando who is overseeing 4 clubs including DBA Toastmasters. It was her second visit to our club and she plans to visit the club next week when we have the “Pathways Training” by Willie Jones. That will be an entire DBA Meeting devoted to the Pathways Training and is the new direction for Toastmasters.

In the 2010 strategic plan, the Toastmasters Board of Directors called for the education program to be revitalized. The Board stressed the need to modernize the communication track as well as renew the focus on leadership learning in the leadership track.

The traditional education program has served Toastmasters for many years. However, much of the communication track hasn’t been updated since the 1970s. The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience is not a departure from the current program, because it builds on the established educational foundation. Pathways is a modernized learning experience suited to our changing global society. It offers you more benefits and more opportunities to learn, grow and meet personal and professional goals. You now have the opportunity to develop additional skills you can use not just in your club, but at your job or in your community as well.

The many benefits to members will include:

  • A learning experience tailored to your personal and professional goals
  • The opportunity to develop many skills relevant to an evolving global marketplace
  • Recognition of educational achievements that will come earlier and more frequently
  • New technological resources to improve speeches and support meeting roles
  • Online access to educational materials
  • Videos that model the skills you are learning

See you all next week, pathways is coming…


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August 30, 2017 – Embarassing Moments

Don B. Was our Toastmaster of the Day and he set a theme of embarrassing moments. Wen H. Our grammarian set the word of the day as “Ignominius” which is defined as shameful or disgraceful.

Our first speaker was Pam R. She gave a speech titled,”Big Island Treasures” from CC Manual #7 Research Your Topic. It was about Pam’s 30th Anniversary of visiting Hawaii National Volcanos Park in Kilauea since 1983. In the early 1940’s it was a Japanese Internment Camp with 140 POW’s. This unique park has been kept intact. That it has not changed at all is what Pam find’s what draws her back to visit.  It consists of the Volcano House, Rim Cafe, with places for star gazing and hiking. After all these years, Pam still enjoys the park as it holds many fond memories for her.

John H. Was out second speaker and delivered an excellent speech titled” Doing Actual Good in the World”. It is an advanced manual , Speaking to Inform, Project #2 . John reported that people in the US donate $350B to charities annually. Most charity givers have an average annual salary of $52,000. Only 1% of the population fits this category. John explained that using a program at CharityNavigator.com will help you donate wisely. Using a 3rd Party Charity Auditor will also help you better understand how effective the charity is with the donations. John encouraged members to be an effective altruism  by donations that have careful evidence based outcomes. He helped us to see how we can “Give Well”.

Tina B. Our table topics master helped members have an opportunity to speak about their embarrassing moments and that made us have a fun meeting. No one was Ignominious and we would like to see you all at our next meeting.


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August 23, 2017 – Habits

Today’s theme is “Habits”.  Adelina Yim is today’s Toastmaster.  She started the meeting with an introduction of benefits of good morning routines.  Morning routines are important and give you momentum and energy.  Benjamin Franklin has recorded his habits. He got up 5am, asked what he should do each day and relaxed in the evening.  He slept 7 hours a day.  Adelina ended her introduction with a quote: wisdom is measured by routines.

Hieu Pham Stuart is the grammarian today.  Her favorite drink is red wine. She just came back from a month-long trip.  Today’s Word of the Day is ABSURD.  She got the inspiration from the 35-day trip on the road.

Adeline continued with information of good habits.  16oz water in the morning helps you dehydrate and give you glowing skin.  She introduced today’s inspiration Bart Howk as a music lover, always listening to music in the evening.  Music develops brain and neuro systems.  Disney bought Baby Einstein for $25 million.  Bart gave an amazing inspiration of quotes from famous people. Ben Franklin: Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.

James Smith voluntold to be a joke master.  He gave a fantastic joke about a couple with a dead wife.

Wen He is the Timer. Adelina introduced him as exercising and practicing Taichi and meditate in the morning.  He said that we are animal of habits.  He calculated that it costed $150 per day for a student in a private school in Hawaii. He develops a good habit to keep his kids in school.  An apple a day.  They cut apple themselves and bring it to school every morning.

Adelina then stated that there are more benefits to exercise in the morning, including more metabolism, lower blood pressure, better sleeping.

John Holman is the first speaker.  His speech title is Alive and Well! (Speaking to Inform #1, 8-10 min) He presented his speech with visual aids.   He stated that 46% causes of deaths are heart disease and cancer. He introduced terms of telomeres, cell oxidation, free radicals. Top cancer-causing foods are hot dogs, chips, bacon, doughnuts, fried food. Meat consumptions strongly associates with cancer and heart disease. A more plant-based diet may help prevent, treat or reverse every single one of our fourteen leading causes of death.  He recommended a book “How not to die” by Michael Greger, M.D. with concepts of lifestyle medicine and Blue Zones Power.  He suggested to replace with the Green light food such as broccolis.  He also introduced Dr. Daily Dozen app to track your diet and the website, nutrituionfacts.org.  He concluded his speech by stating that regardless what age you are, you can make a change with plant-based diet.

The second speaker is Brian Takahashi, who is a seasoned speaker and is working on his Distinguished Toastmater credential.  His speech title is “Assassins and Friends” (Entertaining speech #1, 5-7 minutes)

He introduced two stories that inspired him from movies.  A bird is flying in the winter. Exhausted and dying. It fell besides a cow, which warmed it.  Bird was about to revive.  However, a fox saw the bird. He helped bird but eventually threw it into his mouth.  The story tells us anyone who helps you might be for their own interest and will eventually harm you.  Second story is about Forest Gump.  After he died, the heaven guardian told him that he had to answer three questions to go through the door to heaven. The three questions and the answers are

  1. Q: What day of week start with letter T?

A: Today and tomorrow.

  1. Q: How many seconds in one year.

A: 12 seconds.  January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd, ….

  1. Q: What’s God’s name?

A: Andy.  We always sing the song “Andy’s always with me” from church.

The story told us that people can have a different point of perspectives, which don’t make that person wrong.

William Sink is the Table Topic Master. Christine Medeiros gave an improv speech on how to get kids into sleep. Michael answered the question of what to do to get back to sleep. Debra Lee gave an awesome improv on theories of dreams of being naked or underwear publicly. Maria Su answered the question of what boring books you read to put you into sleep.

General evaluator: Christine Medeiros has a bad habit of late night snacks. She recognized James’ preparation and researches on the evaluation materials before the meeting.

James Donnelly evaluated John Holman. He said John is extremely prepared for the speech. He pulled us right in and researched the subject. He recommended books and apps, helped audience to learn.

Katie Stula evaluated Brian Takahashi. She said that Brian opened the speech and brought the audience in. His speech has good structure and conclusion. It was a calm and descriptive speech.

Wen and Hieu delivered great assistant’s reports.

Adelina concluded the meeting with recaps of good habits: drinking 16oz of water in the morning, meditating, thinking about what to accomplish each day, exercising.

Meeting rejoins at 1:14pm.   Next meeting is on August 30th at 12:15pm.


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August 2, 2017 – Favorite Moments of Last Week

James S. called our meeting to order and introduced Leslie K. our Toastmaster of the Day. Leslie had set a theme of “My Favorite Moments of the Last Week.” DBA Members were asked to share what their favorite moments from last week. We had two different inspirational notes provided by John H. kindness and John O. on having a positive attitude. Two Johns gave the audience  a double dose of inspirations. Jeff D. was an outstanding Jokemaster that took his joke to a storytelling level about a new bull addition to a herd of cattle. He used visualization, vocal variety and gestures to accent his fun story about bulls. Pam R. our grammarian st the word of the day, Truculent is an adjective which is defined as aggressive and savage.

Cheryl N. gave her CC#7 speech Research Your Topic titled “Listen To Your Body.” Cheryl shared that she is an avid running enthusiast. She used to continue her running regimen despite injuries. She learned that it was not the right thing to do. She gave everyone 5 tips about running and then 5 tips about what to do when you maybe injured. Besides ibuprofen and physical therapy she suggested to see a doctor when injured to avoid complications. She then encouraged members to join her in the 2017 Honolulu Marathon. Wen H. said he would run while most could not commit.

Willie S. our second speaker gave a non-manual speech titled “Jury Selection”. He had a unique speech format where he became the facilitator attorney asking questions to members to simulate a jury pool selection for a civil trial. Willie demonstrated that we all have biases and prejudices that impacts our judgement. His explanation was that attorney’s seek to select juries that would be sympathetic to their clients and not have preset prejudices that would likely have them not support the client’s claims.

Kelu Z. invited several members to participate with her table topics and share their hobbies and other favorite things. Our meeting ended on time and everyone had a chance to speak. DBA continues to have creative agendas and speakers that make every meeting interesting for all. See you all next week. Maria S. was not there so I was filling in for her.


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July 19, 2017 – Efficiency

James S. opened the meeting that had a theme of “Efficiency” hosted by toastmaster of the day -William S. Toastmaster Willie Credited Daena L. who skillfully helped make sure the meeting roles were confirmed and  filled in advance for the meeting. Brian T. our grammarian gave us the word of the day which was “Lucrative.” Lucrative is an adjective that means profitable, money-making, and remunerative.

Christine M. was our first speaker who delivered Speech No. 8 from the CC Manual on Getting Comfortable with Visual Aids, Titled “Always Mom”. She used a power-point presentation to tell her personal story about her relationship with her Mom. As a child she was an “Opihi” to her mom and attached to her like an “Opihi” shell does to a coastal rock.   They were very close until she reached 18 years old when she married her boyfriend whom her mom disapproved of. Because of that they grew apart and she has not reconnected with her recently until she had children. Christine came to a personal revelation as her mother is going through memory loss as her mom was diagnosed with early onset of Altzheimers disease. She told everyone of the sadness as it is like she is losing her mom for a second time. This helps guide her today for her own children to not repeat the same sadness with them.

Wen H. was our second speaker and he gave a non-manual speech titled” One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure” Wen credited John H.’s speech for inspiring him to tackle on thing at a time. Wen H. received an old golf bag with an incomplete set of golf clubs that was another man’s trash. He has since taken up golf and has used those clubs regularly and golf managed to  help his posture and health. He now treasures those golf clubs and bag as he explores the benefits of golf.

John H. who was flattered by Wen was our table topics master and shared how he uses a planner to organize his day to be more efficient  and keep his priorities in order. John then led a rousing creative round of table topics based on characteristics the audience contributed to make creative stories that they needed to react to. It was very interesting how John took us on a journey with creative efficient thinking. The story was topics that included the House Majority Whip, Kim Kardasian, and DoDo Birds. You had to be there.

James S. closed the meeting on time and we had a great meeting with a new guest present. See you all next week.


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