Expert Toastmasters – 10/12/11 Meeting

Aloha DBA Toastmasters,

At this week’s meeting, Toastmaster Laron Tamaye asked us what special interests or hobbies did we have, that we may be considered a “resident expert” in—at least among ourselves! For Laron, it was economics, comic books, and wrestling. Grammarian Zachary Lee, who also has an interest in comic books, spoke in an ebullient (the word of the day) manner about his favorite comics. Jokemaster Mark Blackburn said that in addition to sailing, he was expert in “getting into trouble and not getting out of it.”

Amber Abinsay, an intern at Architects Hawaii specializing in high rise design, delivered her Icebreaker speech. As she talked about her parents and her upbringing, we got to know her better. Amber’s special interests are broadway musicals and photography.

Our second speaker, Rich Sullivan, read to us a poem that his father was fond of quoting, from a poetry series entitled “A Shropshire Lad,” published in 1896. A memorable line: “And malt does more than Milton can to justify God’s ways to man.” Rich’s special interest is in classical music.

Two members, Cindy Petersen and Ken Mansfield, share the same interest in gardening. Jeff Esmond is fluent in the Indonesian language and Eddie Joseph is fluent in basketball, especially the Lakers. New member Stacy Kracher’s specialty is nursing and president Hieu Pham considers herself to be an expert traveler.

It was a fun and revelatory meeting—now we know who our “resident experts” are!

See you next week,


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