Prince Jonah Kuhio – Toastmasters Meeting 3/28/12

Aloha DBA TMs,

Last week Monday was Prince Kuhio Day, a state holiday in honor of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole. The prince was a member of Hawaiiʻs royal family who later served as its congressional delegate after the monarchy was overthrown. Toastmaster Edward Joseph said that when he happened upon a photo of the prince, he was struck by his resemblance to his father. Their country was taken away from them, he said, and his own ancestors were taken away from their country, so he felt a connection.

In giving her icebreaker speech, new Toastmaster Bev Iraha explained that she joined the club because she wanted to speak more effectively with prospective parents at Hawaii International Child, a local adoption agency. Being adopted herself, Bev was invited to serve on a panel there to give an overview on what it feels like to be adopted and to talk about future issues their child may face. Since these parents have already been through an arduous adoption process, Bev said she wanted to give her answers in a more succinct and effective manner, to help parents and their future child.

Our second speaker, Zachary Lee, used project #6, focusing on vocal variety, to talk about how he was able to quit smoking, a habit of 14 years. He tried everything including the nicotine patch and gum, before finally quitting cold turkey. What worked for him, he said, was that he carried a pen everywhere, then began sucking on Riccola, (in particular the elderberry flavor), and then sugarless candy before he quit that too. At the end of his speech, Zach detailed the monetary incentives to quit smoking, given the average $9 a pack cost. He said that April 14 is his anniversary date for quitting, so congratulations are coming up soon!

This week I will be serving as Toastmaster and the theme is “How to find happily ever after.” How do people find their “true love,” the partner that complements and makes their life complete? Is it just a matter of pure luck, fate, or chance? Or is there more effort and forethought involved? Have social media and online dating sites helped or hindered this process? Iʻd like to hear your thoughts.

Wen He is also scheduled this week to deliver an educational session on how to use the DBA websites, so prepare to be enlightened!

See you soon,


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