Everyone Needs a Sea Change – Toastmasters Meeting 4/11/12

Aloha DBA TMs,

Our resident Australian Toastmaster, Colleen Murray, chose “sea change” as last weekʻs theme. The term comes from Shakespeareʻs The Tempest, and usually describes a profound lifestyle change, but in Australia it has a special meaning. There, it describes a migration from the city to a rural coastal community, in order to “downshift” to a slower, less expensive, and more meaningful lifestyle. A “tree change,” she said, is when city dwellers move to the “bush” or country for similar reasons. Now we know the meaning of the term “Sydney or the bush!” Colleenʻs “sea change” was moving to Hawaii and she asked about ours. What would we like to do in the future? Where would we like to move to? Did we want to slow down, or even speed up?

Our first speaker, Shao Yu Lin, discussed the pros and cons of taking a guided tour versus traveling on oneʻs own. Shao said it was a matter of personal preference, and broke it down into these considerations: time, budget, flexibility, comfort, convenience, and transportation. Going by yourself requires more time spent in planning the trip, but if you want to spend more time at a certain place, you can. A tour isnʻt always cheaper, she pointed out, since you have to tip the guide/driver, and visit places you possibly had no desire to see. Going by yourself offers more flexibility than a tour with a fixed itinerary. It may not be as convenient as a tour where everything is arranged, but at least you are not at the mercy of early wakeup calls. And, as long as there is a metro or subway system, she said, it is convenient for her to get around.

Weʻre accustomed to hearing advanced Toastmaster Edward Joseph speak with humor, passion, and emotion, but last week he showed us his sterner side, as he played the role of an investigator making a presentation to an HR department. Eddie delivered the executive summary of a fictional investigation of two employees involving allegations of sexual harassment and workplace violence. He detailed the steps that the investigative panel took, their conclusions, and recommendations. At the end, still in character, he invited questions from the audience and answered them with aplomb. When he didnʻt know one of the answers, he admitted as much and said he would find out and get back to the questioner—an admirable technique.

In keeping with the meeting theme, Inspiration speaker Bev Iraha recited a poem by Robert Bly, “Things to Think.”

For this week, Toastmaster Wen He has chosen “Your Dream Job!” as the theme.

Hope you can make it!


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