Your Dream Job! Toastmasters Meeting 4/18/12

Hi everyone,

It was another packed house at last Wednesday’s  meeting and it could be due to Toastmaster Wen He’s very conversational theme, “Your Dream Job.”  As Wen mentioned, a dream job is something you like doing but it does not come without hard work.  In other words, it doesn’t just happen, you must work at it, then the passion will follow. Also, Wen did a very fine job in introducing the meeting participants by saying something glowing about them.

Doran Chavez gave his Icebreaker speech and it was a good one. He grew up in Colorado and he is quite active in outdoor sports such as mountain biking and snowboarding. Also, at times, he wasn’t afraid to push it to the limits. He has a clear speaking voice, projects friendliness, and seems comfortable behind the podium.

Mark Blackburn did a technical presentation on one of his favorite subjects, silver.  We were amazed at his in depth knowledge of the valuable element and we appreciated his passion.  All of us wished he could go on after time expired.  Mark projects confidence and thoughtfulness in his speeches.

As some of you know, Christopher Akin involves himself with creative endeavors. He spoke about taking people on a treasure hunt to Chinatown and Waikiki. As his evaluator Laron said, Christopher took us on a ride and “painted a movie.”  Christopher skillfully used simple but descriptive words,  cadence and body language for maximum effect.

Don’t miss this Wednesday’s meeting, when Toastmaster Zachary Lee asks you, “With whom would you have dinner? Past or Present.” Hmmm, l have to think about this one.

See you all on Wednesday,


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