Things To Be Thankful For? – Toastmasters Meeting 11/14/12

Hello DBA Toastmasters,

In the coming of Thanksgiving, Toastmaster Brian Takahashi led our meeting centered on “things to be thankful for.”  Our group expressed our gratitude for our families, good health, and great opportunities.

Our first speaker, Liang Ge, delivered his project two speech titled, “Basic Concepts of a Numerical Model.”  Liang informed the group that a numerical model is computer software designed to simulate mathematical equations and describe physical laws.  It is a powerful tool that can, for example, simulate an ocean wave.  The model addresses a virtual body of water and the external forces applied to it.  Although the numerical model is time consuming and limited to human knowledge, it is a very reliable tool used to understand nature and make predictions.  If applied accurately, the numerical model can save lives since it has the power to predict when and where natural disasters will occur!

Our second speaker, Amber Abinsay, delivered her project three speech titled, “How to Survive New York.”  Amber had the opportunity to experience New York during a six-month internship that she had there.  In that time, she learned that life in New York is unlike what she’s used to in Hawaii.  Amber quickly adapted to the New York lifestyle by making three life adjustments: (1) coping with the cold weather, (2) learning self-defense, and (3) maintaining a positive attitude.  While explaining her life adjustments, Amber provided her experience-based tips for living in New York and supplemented them with humorous stories.  Overall, she loves to travel and is grateful for the opportunity she had to experience New York.

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in last week’s meeting! We are looking forward to yet another informative and fun-filled meeting this week!

Cara Hiyakumoto

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