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The Power of Forgiveness – Toastmasters Meeting 6/26/13

Aloha DBA Toastmasters, Last week we were privileged to hold our meeting at the truly awesome offices of Architects Hawaii. Toastmaster Gaylord Oshiro chose “forgiveness” as the theme. He asked, Why remain mad at someone who you think did you wrong? … Continue reading

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Time: Our Most Valuable Resource – Toastmasters Meeting 6/19/13

Aloha DBA Toastmasters, It’s true that time flies—almost half the year has gone by! Last week Toastmaster Brian Takahashi reminded us that time is not a renewable resource and once you spend it, it’s gone. It’s not about managing time, … Continue reading

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Summertime Memories – Toastmasters Meeting 6/12/13

Aloha DBA Toastmasters, If you haven’t already noticed, summer is here! For Toastmaster Charles Churchill, just thinking about summer brings a smile to his face. As he was growing up, he had to spend some summers working, but after work … Continue reading

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What Do You Like to Do in Your Spare Time? – Toastmasters Meeting 6/5/13

Aloha DBA Toastmasters, Colleen Murray was the Toastmaster at last week’s meeting and chose the theme of what do we like to do in our spare time (if any!). For herself, she likes to quilt and she showed us the … Continue reading

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The Most Important Person to You – Toastmasters Meeting 5/29/13

Aloha DBA Toastmasters, Last week, Toastmaster Lani Abrigana led our meeting, and she centered it on “the most important person to you.”  Our members spoke about important people in their lives, which mostly included their family members such as significant … Continue reading

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