Women’s Bags and Men’s Wallets: Toastmasters Meeting March 5, 2014

Brian Takahashi was Toastmaster for last week’s meeting.  The theme was about what a woman’s bag or a man’s wallet says about the person. Brian shared with us a few things about his favorite wallet and invited us to share our thoughts about our bag or wallet.

We had two new members deliver icebreakers:  Ina Wong and Julius Serrano.

Ina’s speech was titled “The Name I Grew Up With,” and she shared a lot about herself through an intricate story of how her name has shaped her throughout various periods of her life.   Ina can be pronounced two ways:  “ee-nah” or “eye-nah.”  A Canadian nurse in Vancouver decided the pronunciation of Ina’s name; it was this fateful nurse who first pronounced it “eye-nah.”    To Ina’s mother who had traveled from Hong Kong to give birth on Canadian soil, the nurse was authoritative in how English should be pronounced.  Shortly after she was born, Ina moved to Tokyo and then Hong Kong before returning to Canada, which added cultural confusion to a young girl with a difficult name to pronounce. In her youth, Ina had to deal with people mispronouncing or teasing her for having an unusual name; which caused her to be shy and silent for most of her youth.  However, as she grew up, she found her voice, attending prestigious Ivy League universities and living in big cities all over the world.  Ina has now come to Honolulu, where she feels at home, and interestingly Ina’s name is synonymous with “land” in Hawaiian (aina).

Julius’ speech was titled “The Game of My Life ver. 1.0,” and he shared with us how his love for gaming has been a positive and defining element of his life.  Although Julius was raised in a very traditional and religious household, which fostered strong family values and work ethic, Julius shared that when video games entered his life, he actually learned how to be more disciplined and productive.  For example, through gaming, he learned the importance of being disciplined with time: one has to get up very early in the morning to play certain games without the lag from too much internet traffic. Julius also learned the meaning of sacrifice, as he had to weigh the pros and cons of gaming versus other priorities and make decisions, which require making a sacrifice.  Today, through the combination of his parent’s diligent upbringing, and his self taught lessons from gaming, Julius is a successful Cloudworks systems engineer.

Word of the Day from dictionary.com

su·per·flu·ous adjective

1.            being more than is sufficient or required; excessive.

2.            unnecessary or needless.

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