New Post: Actions are Words Not Spoken – Toastmasters Meeting March 12, 2014

Robert Wells, a new but distinguished ToastMaster from Portland, Oregon, led our meeting last week, with a thought-provoking theme to remind us of the importance of our non verbal cues in addition to our voice.   As ToastMasters we all appreciate the value of speaking well, and also recognize the importance of body language and other nonverbal communication tactics.

We had two speeches this week, one was yet another intriguing icebreaker, by Keiko Rodrigues, a native Japanese speaker who just recently joined the club and is diving into her Competent Communicator manual without hesitation.

Keiko’s icebreaker was sincere and intimately shared with us some of the pivotal moments in her life that have brought her to where she is now.  Keiko told us that her life didn’t actually start until she was 22 because until that point she was merely a doll, living out her parent’s dreams; she finally broke free from her parents when she participated in a home-stay program in Boston for one month.  In that brief month, she learned what it meant to experience love and affection from her host parents.   When she returned home to Japan, she was a changed woman and moved to Hawaii in 1996 with her first husband.  Unfortunately, they divorced and she learned some tough life lessons about love; but it gave her the opportunity to move to Hawaii and live her own life.  She remarried and she is now living the dream of being married to a loving husband and counting her blessings everyday; being a 51-year-old housewife isn’t a bad gig!

Hieu Pham delivered her inspirational speech from 2/19/14 in preparation for her participation in the regional contest on Saturday March 15, 2014.  For a summary of the speech, please refer to that post.  In preparation for the speech contest, she made some changes, reorganized, and added some content; the most memorable being a sample of a song that her late husband wrote for her.   After her speech, the club numbers offered her comments and feedback to consider in preparation for the speech contest.  If anyone wants to participate in a speech contest, our club members provide excellent and honest feedback.   I hope that Hieu was able to incorporate some of the feedback and deliver a powerful speech on Saturday!

Word of the day:


adjective: 1.  enduring injury, trouble, or provocation long and patiently.

noun: 2.  long and patient endurance of injury, trouble, or provocation: years of long-suffering and illness.

definition from

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