April 19, 2017 – Work-Life Balance

John O. called the meeting to order and invited our Toastmaster of the Day Katie S. to begin her theme of “Work-Life Balance” Katie explained that she selects her theme based on a topic she wants to learn more about. She commented on how modern life is filled with activities that extends work beyond a normal work day. If work is too consuming it can displace happiness. Katie explained that her pursuit of perfectionism was a major cause of working late and getting our of balance as she urged everyone to let go of perfectionism. Deborah K.L. was our joke master and it was her Birthday. Katie S. baked and brought a tray of butter mochi to celebrate her B-Day.  Debbie told a story of being a parent 24-7 and working a normal job  leaves very little time for yourself to relax. Leslie K. our grammarian gave us the word of the day “Sangfroid“. It’s a noun and defined as coolness of mind, calmness, composure. eg. “They committed the robbery with complete sangfroid. ”

John H. announced that next week he has a special storytelling event that  our DBA TM club can attend that immediately follows our normal weekly meeting. John has invited his professor Jeff Gere to the event which will judge John’s storytelling ability. We have seen how delightfully skilled  John is;  as he has been one of our best animated speakers in our club. If you have an additional 30 minutes to spend with us next week it promises to be a fun afternoon.

Our first speaker is Daena L. who delivered her CC #9 speech Persuade with Power, titled” Two-Track Mind” she stepped forward in front of the podium to begin her excellent speech. The two-track mind had to do with the two tracks Toastmaster offers. Leadership track and Speech Improvement Track. Members sometimes  do not take advantage of the fact that 19 of the 21 requirements for the competent leader achievement can be completed just by having your meeting roles recorded with an evaluation. She urged everyone to bring their leadership manual to meetings when they have a role to record that leadership achievements while they achieve their toastmaster speaking goals. She quoted, Ralph Smedley who noted that leaders have the capacity to think ahead and take action.

Wen H. is continuing to prepare for his speech contest on May 6th. and delivered his speech titled “Rush to Judgement, Fall off a Cliff!” Wen began his speech dressed in a suit and tie and looked very prepared for his upcoming contest. The subject of his speech was his awakening of how being judgmental can be to your disadvantage. He explained how Toastmasters had helped him understand that evaluation process teaches us all to be positive and not judgmental. Wen had invited six guests to help him prepare by providing a critique of his speech. It was very insightful to hear their comments and to see how Wen has improved his speech in a week since the last DBA TM  meeting. It was a very sangfroid meeting and we hope to see you all next week.



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