July 19, 2017 – Efficiency

James S. opened the meeting that had a theme of “Efficiency” hosted by toastmaster of the day -William S. Toastmaster Willie Credited Daena L. who skillfully helped make sure the meeting roles were confirmed and  filled in advance for the meeting. Brian T. our grammarian gave us the word of the day which was “Lucrative.” Lucrative is an adjective that means profitable, money-making, and remunerative.

Christine M. was our first speaker who delivered Speech No. 8 from the CC Manual on Getting Comfortable with Visual Aids, Titled “Always Mom”. She used a power-point presentation to tell her personal story about her relationship with her Mom. As a child she was an “Opihi” to her mom and attached to her like an “Opihi” shell does to a coastal rock.   They were very close until she reached 18 years old when she married her boyfriend whom her mom disapproved of. Because of that they grew apart and she has not reconnected with her recently until she had children. Christine came to a personal revelation as her mother is going through memory loss as her mom was diagnosed with early onset of Altzheimers disease. She told everyone of the sadness as it is like she is losing her mom for a second time. This helps guide her today for her own children to not repeat the same sadness with them.

Wen H. was our second speaker and he gave a non-manual speech titled” One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure” Wen credited John H.’s speech for inspiring him to tackle on thing at a time. Wen H. received an old golf bag with an incomplete set of golf clubs that was another man’s trash. He has since taken up golf and has used those clubs regularly and golf managed to  help his posture and health. He now treasures those golf clubs and bag as he explores the benefits of golf.

John H. who was flattered by Wen was our table topics master and shared how he uses a planner to organize his day to be more efficient  and keep his priorities in order. John then led a rousing creative round of table topics based on characteristics the audience contributed to make creative stories that they needed to react to. It was very interesting how John took us on a journey with creative efficient thinking. The story was topics that included the House Majority Whip, Kim Kardasian, and DoDo Birds. You had to be there.

James S. closed the meeting on time and we had a great meeting with a new guest present. See you all next week.


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