August 2, 2017 – Favorite Moments of Last Week

James S. called our meeting to order and introduced Leslie K. our Toastmaster of the Day. Leslie had set a theme of “My Favorite Moments of the Last Week.” DBA Members were asked to share what their favorite moments from last week. We had two different inspirational notes provided by John H. kindness and John O. on having a positive attitude. Two Johns gave the audience  a double dose of inspirations. Jeff D. was an outstanding Jokemaster that took his joke to a storytelling level about a new bull addition to a herd of cattle. He used visualization, vocal variety and gestures to accent his fun story about bulls. Pam R. our grammarian st the word of the day, Truculent is an adjective which is defined as aggressive and savage.

Cheryl N. gave her CC#7 speech Research Your Topic titled “Listen To Your Body.” Cheryl shared that she is an avid running enthusiast. She used to continue her running regimen despite injuries. She learned that it was not the right thing to do. She gave everyone 5 tips about running and then 5 tips about what to do when you maybe injured. Besides ibuprofen and physical therapy she suggested to see a doctor when injured to avoid complications. She then encouraged members to join her in the 2017 Honolulu Marathon. Wen H. said he would run while most could not commit.

Willie S. our second speaker gave a non-manual speech titled “Jury Selection”. He had a unique speech format where he became the facilitator attorney asking questions to members to simulate a jury pool selection for a civil trial. Willie demonstrated that we all have biases and prejudices that impacts our judgement. His explanation was that attorney’s seek to select juries that would be sympathetic to their clients and not have preset prejudices that would likely have them not support the client’s claims.

Kelu Z. invited several members to participate with her table topics and share their hobbies and other favorite things. Our meeting ended on time and everyone had a chance to speak. DBA continues to have creative agendas and speakers that make every meeting interesting for all. See you all next week. Maria S. was not there so I was filling in for her.


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