August 23, 2017 – Habits

Today’s theme is “Habits”.  Adelina Yim is today’s Toastmaster.  She started the meeting with an introduction of benefits of good morning routines.  Morning routines are important and give you momentum and energy.  Benjamin Franklin has recorded his habits. He got up 5am, asked what he should do each day and relaxed in the evening.  He slept 7 hours a day.  Adelina ended her introduction with a quote: wisdom is measured by routines.

Hieu Pham Stuart is the grammarian today.  Her favorite drink is red wine. She just came back from a month-long trip.  Today’s Word of the Day is ABSURD.  She got the inspiration from the 35-day trip on the road.

Adeline continued with information of good habits.  16oz water in the morning helps you dehydrate and give you glowing skin.  She introduced today’s inspiration Bart Howk as a music lover, always listening to music in the evening.  Music develops brain and neuro systems.  Disney bought Baby Einstein for $25 million.  Bart gave an amazing inspiration of quotes from famous people. Ben Franklin: Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.

James Smith voluntold to be a joke master.  He gave a fantastic joke about a couple with a dead wife.

Wen He is the Timer. Adelina introduced him as exercising and practicing Taichi and meditate in the morning.  He said that we are animal of habits.  He calculated that it costed $150 per day for a student in a private school in Hawaii. He develops a good habit to keep his kids in school.  An apple a day.  They cut apple themselves and bring it to school every morning.

Adelina then stated that there are more benefits to exercise in the morning, including more metabolism, lower blood pressure, better sleeping.

John Holman is the first speaker.  His speech title is Alive and Well! (Speaking to Inform #1, 8-10 min) He presented his speech with visual aids.   He stated that 46% causes of deaths are heart disease and cancer. He introduced terms of telomeres, cell oxidation, free radicals. Top cancer-causing foods are hot dogs, chips, bacon, doughnuts, fried food. Meat consumptions strongly associates with cancer and heart disease. A more plant-based diet may help prevent, treat or reverse every single one of our fourteen leading causes of death.  He recommended a book “How not to die” by Michael Greger, M.D. with concepts of lifestyle medicine and Blue Zones Power.  He suggested to replace with the Green light food such as broccolis.  He also introduced Dr. Daily Dozen app to track your diet and the website,  He concluded his speech by stating that regardless what age you are, you can make a change with plant-based diet.

The second speaker is Brian Takahashi, who is a seasoned speaker and is working on his Distinguished Toastmater credential.  His speech title is “Assassins and Friends” (Entertaining speech #1, 5-7 minutes)

He introduced two stories that inspired him from movies.  A bird is flying in the winter. Exhausted and dying. It fell besides a cow, which warmed it.  Bird was about to revive.  However, a fox saw the bird. He helped bird but eventually threw it into his mouth.  The story tells us anyone who helps you might be for their own interest and will eventually harm you.  Second story is about Forest Gump.  After he died, the heaven guardian told him that he had to answer three questions to go through the door to heaven. The three questions and the answers are

  1. Q: What day of week start with letter T?

A: Today and tomorrow.

  1. Q: How many seconds in one year.

A: 12 seconds.  January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd, ….

  1. Q: What’s God’s name?

A: Andy.  We always sing the song “Andy’s always with me” from church.

The story told us that people can have a different point of perspectives, which don’t make that person wrong.

William Sink is the Table Topic Master. Christine Medeiros gave an improv speech on how to get kids into sleep. Michael answered the question of what to do to get back to sleep. Debra Lee gave an awesome improv on theories of dreams of being naked or underwear publicly. Maria Su answered the question of what boring books you read to put you into sleep.

General evaluator: Christine Medeiros has a bad habit of late night snacks. She recognized James’ preparation and researches on the evaluation materials before the meeting.

James Donnelly evaluated John Holman. He said John is extremely prepared for the speech. He pulled us right in and researched the subject. He recommended books and apps, helped audience to learn.

Katie Stula evaluated Brian Takahashi. She said that Brian opened the speech and brought the audience in. His speech has good structure and conclusion. It was a calm and descriptive speech.

Wen and Hieu delivered great assistant’s reports.

Adelina concluded the meeting with recaps of good habits: drinking 16oz of water in the morning, meditating, thinking about what to accomplish each day, exercising.

Meeting rejoins at 1:14pm.   Next meeting is on August 30th at 12:15pm.


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