August 30, 2017 – Embarassing Moments

Don B. Was our Toastmaster of the Day and he set a theme of embarrassing moments. Wen H. Our grammarian set the word of the day as “Ignominius” which is defined as shameful or disgraceful.

Our first speaker was Pam R. She gave a speech titled,”Big Island Treasures” from CC Manual #7 Research Your Topic. It was about Pam’s 30th Anniversary of visiting Hawaii National Volcanos Park in Kilauea since 1983. In the early 1940’s it was a Japanese Internment Camp with 140 POW’s. This unique park has been kept intact. That it has not changed at all is what Pam find’s what draws her back to visit.  It consists of the Volcano House, Rim Cafe, with places for star gazing and hiking. After all these years, Pam still enjoys the park as it holds many fond memories for her.

John H. Was out second speaker and delivered an excellent speech titled” Doing Actual Good in the World”. It is an advanced manual , Speaking to Inform, Project #2 . John reported that people in the US donate $350B to charities annually. Most charity givers have an average annual salary of $52,000. Only 1% of the population fits this category. John explained that using a program at will help you donate wisely. Using a 3rd Party Charity Auditor will also help you better understand how effective the charity is with the donations. John encouraged members to be an effective altruism  by donations that have careful evidence based outcomes. He helped us to see how we can “Give Well”.

Tina B. Our table topics master helped members have an opportunity to speak about their embarrassing moments and that made us have a fun meeting. No one was Ignominious and we would like to see you all at our next meeting.


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