September 6, 2017 – How To Stop Procrastinating

Brian T. was our Toastmaster of the Day and Set a Theme “Procrastination”. Procrastinators are easily distracted and dwell in the areas of fun and enjoyment while the time to work is being lost. Until they panic and then work in a rush to complete the tasks they would normally do when using rational decisions. The way to defeat procrastination is to keep a Todo List and Prioritize your day by writing down the things you need to do. Brian T. handed out notebooks to all members to use as a tool for writing down their tasks to keep them away from procrastination problems.  Hieu P. gave us her inspiration and told everyone to avoid procrastination is to personally speak with her and she will help. Hieu’s job is a counselor and she routinely helps people avoid procrastination.

Daena L. was out first speaker and she delivered a speech Titles: “Big Fat Lie”. CC#10 Inspire Your Audience. Daena’s speech was about how Toastmasters helps you become a better speaker. She encouraged the first important step was to find a good TM Club to Join. She recommended that members visit other clubs to see the difference in style and experience different people with different points of view. She said the second step is to interact with the members to help you become a better speaker as they can mentor you to identify areas for improvement that will help you accelerate your learning on how to be a good speaker.

Second Speaker, William S. delivered a speech from the CC ADV. Manual “The Entertaining Speech” Project 1, titled: ” 6 Songs that Suck From the 70’s”. Willie had a countdown of his examples of the worst songs that had no redeeming value to him. Primarily it was the lyrics that he felt was silly and had no meaning.

Our Special Guest was our D49 Representative Director Teresa K. Ubando who is overseeing 4 clubs including DBA Toastmasters. It was her second visit to our club and she plans to visit the club next week when we have the “Pathways Training” by Willie Jones. That will be an entire DBA Meeting devoted to the Pathways Training and is the new direction for Toastmasters.

In the 2010 strategic plan, the Toastmasters Board of Directors called for the education program to be revitalized. The Board stressed the need to modernize the communication track as well as renew the focus on leadership learning in the leadership track.

The traditional education program has served Toastmasters for many years. However, much of the communication track hasn’t been updated since the 1970s. The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience is not a departure from the current program, because it builds on the established educational foundation. Pathways is a modernized learning experience suited to our changing global society. It offers you more benefits and more opportunities to learn, grow and meet personal and professional goals. You now have the opportunity to develop additional skills you can use not just in your club, but at your job or in your community as well.

The many benefits to members will include:

  • A learning experience tailored to your personal and professional goals
  • The opportunity to develop many skills relevant to an evolving global marketplace
  • Recognition of educational achievements that will come earlier and more frequently
  • New technological resources to improve speeches and support meeting roles
  • Online access to educational materials
  • Videos that model the skills you are learning

See you all next week, pathways is coming…


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