September 13, 2017 – Pathways

Jason Baguio, TM Ambassador and Willie Jones, TM Guide for Hawaii District 49 Pathways conducted a workshop that covered the new Pathways Program for Toastmasters that replaced our normal DBA TM meeting Agenda.

Jason B. our first speaker introduced the Pathways Program and Willie J. added emphasis on what important features needed to be highlighted to the members. Jason B. is an TM Ambassador for 4 clubs including DBA Toastmasters. He predicts that pathways is intended to roll-out this year in 2017. Currently we have the existing system of 15 manuals that was originally developed in the 1980’s. He quoted Ralph Smedley, ” We learn in moments of enjoyment”. The new Pathways Training Program will be an On-line Based System with 10 Paths of learning to choose from. Each path will have 5 levels in each path. There will be a total of 59 projects throughout the 10 pathways. Projects are speeches. Each pathway will have path awards . Evaluations will be standardizedĀ  with a new Evaluation Form. Evaluation Forms will be On-line based for submission. There will be a new Mentorship program with 5 standardized mentor manuals. The idea is to improve the program through project based skills with “real world” applicability.

Willie J. our second speaker said that his presentation will cover his love and hate relationship with Toastmasters. Willie J. is the 1997 International World Champion of Speakers for Toastmasters. He was disturbed that Toastmaster’s is not well-known and has not been technology of information has not been updated until now. Willie stated that the new Pathways Program is Revolutionary. It will have a Pathway’s Universe one-line. This will be a program that self improves with feedback from members that will be interacting with Toastmasters Online. Using this future web-based system it will update the old system of hard-copy manuals to provide more resources that are web-based PDF’s of manuals .

Willie emphasized that the former system allowed people to “pencil whip” their supposed progress and not truly reflect their potential education. He said the new system will be more realistic and provide each member a digital base camp to record and upload past speeches and for a personal library of resources. The first Pathway’s selection is free and all subsequent selections after 30 days will be fee based. $20 for each path manuals and $40 for a switch fee. There will be digital badges to reward progress as the former intermediate level awards (Bronze, Silver, & Gold) are no longer available in pathways. DTM will still be the ultimate goal. TM meetings will not change formats and what is done; the improvement is in the quality of the program everyone will be following.

Willie encouraged all DBA members to consider a fast start and convert over to pathways as soon as it becomes available. It will be similar to taking on-line courses and focus on individual achievements. D49’s goal is to support the conversion to pathways by the 2018 TM International Conference in Chicago.





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