September 27, 2017 – School Spirit

Our DBA President James S. had a theme of School Spirit and showed us his most expensive football and his name on a paver at the new Colorado State Stadium that opened this year. He encouraged the members to show their school spirit. James S. was dressed in Colorado State T-shirt, Socks , shoes, and shorts. Pam R. is a Fresno State Graduate and gave us an inspiration of the day. Willie S. told us a great joke about the man who won $10.2M at power ball and announced he was going to spend his money on Alcohol, Women, and Gambling. Then he said the rest of the money left he would waste. Adelina Y. is a McKinley HS Grad and she set a word of the day as “Toothsome” which is defined as acceptable to a fable or to your mind.

Our first speaker Bart H. delivered speech CC# 5 – Your Body Speaks, titled “Beginner Surfer”. Bart is from Kansas City and showed us his 1st Place Trophy from his Lawyers International Surf Competition. He spoke about surfing techniques he has learned. Reef Kicking , doing push ups on board to get over the waves, and standing on the board with a 3 step move. He used his body to turn the board and explained that the short surf board is difficult to control when compared to a long board. Bart concluded his speech with an invitation to members to try surfing for exercise.

Second speaker Gabriela N. is starting on her Pathways education track and gave her second icebreaker, titled” Mabuhay” . Gabriella lived in the Philippines for work for a year and shared her observations of how it was very different from living in Boston. She learned cultural nuances, People shout “NOSE BLEED” when they have to think so hard that they have nose bleeds. She noticed that Filipinos 1) Sing as a way of Life 2) not see may tall people as they are generally shorter. She told everyone how she was asked for selfies to take pictures with locals because she was so tall.

Debra K.L. was our table topics master and gave us a creative spin on a story technique to table topics that used audience participation to set the story and then members were asked to complete the story. We had a fun meeting with active participation by all members. See you all next week.






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