October 18, 2017 – Miracles

James D. was the Toastmaster of the day.  He started the meeting with a story of TJ, an 11 year old boy who had a tumor in brain.  “Make a Wish”, a non-profit organization he involved in asked artist to draw paintings about the boy’s wishes and about him fighting cancer. He lived a year and a half, far beyond what the doctor predicted. His life has changed with people’s positive energy round him.

Maria S. gave an inspiration that everyone can be a miracle.

James continued with a story about a marine, who battled with drugs.  He transferred himself to a positive person and attended iron man competition.

Don B. offered a joke about origins about human beings.

Debra L. offered “Word of the day”, which is “apprise”.

Timer is Alberto R.. He told a life story about how his pray and listening to God’s words cured his waist pains.

James S. offered the first speech with a title of “The Path to Effective Communication”.  He started with a surfing accident by not communicating well with his mom about “never turn your back on a wave”.  He learned how to communicate with parents.  When he was in college, he couldn’t communicate with girls. His friend gave him a cheat sheet and he learned the tricks.  When he decided to go abroad, he chose Hong Kong because people speak English over there.  However, he had difficulties with acronym.  When he moved to mainland China, he learned how to say his home address in mandarin and how to order beer in mandarin.  Then he was in cycling business, he learned how to communicate cycling terms with customers.  He concluded that the path to effective communication never ended and the key was to open to new opportunities.

Richard S. is the second speaker with a speech title “How can I tax thee? Let me count the ways…”  He disclosed the nature of tax, reviewed the history and described the common ones we deal with every day.  He stated that coin is the first median exchange that people can hide from taxation.  Business entities corporate business in Ireland to avoid high taxes while doing business in USA.  He introduced progressive (income tax) and regressive (sales tax).  Why do we pay taxes? For public services, to incentivize for investment and redistribute wealth.  He also explored federal taxes, sales taxes.  property taxes, VAT taxes, inventory taxes, heir taxes etc.  He ended with a strong and humorous statement, “taxes, taxes, taxes are everywhere…”

Leslie K. is the third speaker with a speech title “An Awkward Time”.  Her daughter had an awkward as a freshman in college, seeking balance between independence and dependence.  Leslie herself was also at an awkward time between missing her terribly and still protecting her and restraining her inner protection instincts.  She got question about “an awkward time” from her daughter. She showed her unconditioned love using her figure on the screen.  It worked and her daughter replied with a great smile emoji.  As a resilient youth, her daughter just needed to be listened and she would work herself out.  Leslie’s confident, competent and no drama daughter was back.  And Leslie herself will be fine as well.

Pam R. was the table topic master. Wendy had a great improv speech about her favorite candies.

Christopher H. is the general evaluator. He introduced a book called “bringing out the best of people”.

John H. evaluated James’s speech: “humorously speaking project 1: warm up your audiences.”  He complimented on his formal dress code and mini stories.  A couple of things to improve: start a bit faster.  More examples for punch signs. Transition of stories. Potential for speech competition.

Christine M. evaluated Richard’s speech, a “Non manual speech”. Great topic with awesome start, plenty of information and statistics.

Jeff E. evaluated Leslie’s speech, a Non manual (or a Pathways Icebreaker).  Very well written and embed emotions.  Comfortable and pleasant on the stage.  Suggestions: please keep give speeches and be a writer at your spare time.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:19pm.


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